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Owli Sleepwear Series is created to provide the safest and most comfortable sleeping experience for babies.

Our sleepwear product line consists of swaddles, sleeping sacks, onesies, outdoor swaddles, and the star of the show Owli Sleeping Guru.

We started our design journey in sleepwear to create practical and innovative products that will provide healthy sleeping experiences for babies.

As Owli, we strive for the utmost practicality in our designs. That's why every Owli sleepwear features two-way zippers and zipper protection, arm snap buttons for freedom of movement.

Owli Sleepwear Series are made out of %95-%100 cotton.

We're also proud to be the sole winner of MadeForMums Awards in Turkey, to hold IHDI accreditation and feature TOG ratings for our fabrics. For more information please see below.


Owli Swaddle


0-3 Months

3-6 Months

6-9 Months


Owli Sleeping Sack

Quilted (Discontinued)

1-2 Years

2-3 Years

4-5 Years



Owli Sleeping Guru

0-36 Months

0.3 TOG & 0.5 TOG


Owli Outdoor Swaddle

0-6 Months


Owli Sleeping Sack 2.7 TOG

1-2 Years

2-3 Years

3-4 Years

4-5 Years

2.7 TOG


Owli Sleeping Guru


0-24 Months

What's Special About



Back to back winner of MadeForMums awards in 2019 and 2020.

In 2020, Owli Sleeping Guru was awarded the Gold Medal in "Best Sleepwear Category".

In 2019, Owli Sleeping Guru was awarded the Bronze Medal in " Best Sleepwear Category".


We care for the healthy physical development of babies.

Owli is the only brand to proudly carry both "Made In Turkey" and "Hip Healthy Approved" labels at the same time.

Owli Swaddles are accredited as "Officially Hip Healthy" by International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Healthy hip development in babies is directly associated with the use of appropriate sleepwear.


We highly recommend parents to choose "Officlay Hip Healthy" products. 


The tog rating refers to the effectiveness of a material's thermal insulation.


Owli's TOG ratings are tested and determined by an independent lab in the UK.  

TOG rated baby sleepwear is essential in preventing SIDS. It's crucial to keep your baby warm but overheating may be very dangerous. TOG ratings are here to help parents to cope with overheating and overdressing their babies. 

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