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Owli swaddles are designed primarily for newborns to cocoon them and improve their sleeping experiences.

Our basic swaddles come in four different sizes including premature babies.


Owli swaddles are accredited as "Officially Hip Healthy" by International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This makes Owli the only brand to feature both Made In Turkey and Officially Hip Healthy label at the same time.

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Why is Owli the Right Swaddle for Your Baby?


For babies, it's not easy to handle the transitioning from womb to the world. They miss the sense of security they were once accustomed to. As a result of this sudden change, babies find themselves uncomfortable in a bright and dynamic world. Sleeping in Owli swaddle is the perfect relief for babies as they restore the sense of security with the cocooning effect of Owli. 

Owli Swaddles are made out of %95 cotton and %5 elastane. This combination of materials is the ideal solution to provide the softest touch along with the right amount of cocooning. As a result, Owli swaddles are great to replicate the environment babies were used to in the mother's womb.

Owli Swaddles are created with practicality, safety, and comfort in mind. Each member of Owli Sleepwear Series comes with a two-way zipper and zipper protection for the neck. The two-way zipper is ideal for nappy checks and easy garment change.

Although swaddling is great for sleeping time you may want to give your baby additional freedom of movement. You may unsnap the arms buttons and take out your baby's arms with ease. This way they may continue to discover the world around them in their beloved swaddle.

We Are Here For Premature Babies, Too.


As Owli, we are aware of the fact that it's hard to find the necessary sleepwear for the premature babies but worry no more. Owli swaddle is available in premature size with all the same features.

Our %95 cotton %5 elastane fabric provides the perfect cocooning for premature babies. The Cocooning effect will not only provide the sense of security but also will prevent Moro reflex which is more common in premature babies.

Owli Swaddle's premature size is "Officially Hip Healthy".

Owli Kundak Minty
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