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Owli Wintersuit 6-12 Months


Owli Wintersuit, with its insulating structure and soft, breathable fabric, provides your baby with the coziest protection against cold weather during all outdoor activities.

Designed to keep babies warm in outdoor settings, the Owli Wintersuit is compatible with baby strollers, car seats, and baby carriers, ensuring easy wear and removal.

Babies lose body heat faster compared to adults. Owli's new wintersuit acts like a wearable blanket, helping to maintain your baby's body temperature and keeping them warm. The fun character design, made of 100% cotton with a soft inner texture, prevents your baby from getting cold during walks in the stroller or visits to grandma.

  • The inner fabric adorned with special design characters is 100% cotton, while the outer fabric is high-quality 100% wellsoft.

  • The fabric, as light and soft as a cloud, keeps your baby warm without causing sweating.

  • The ready-to-wear wintersuit design ensures easy wear and removal.

  • As a wearable blanket, it eliminates problems like tangling and opening at the top.

  • Thanks to the foldable footies, it can be used with baby shoes.

  • Machine washable, easy to care for and use.

Owli Wintersuit 6-12 Months Anthracite

SKU: 8681725913299
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