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Owli Swimwarm THERMAL Baby Wetsuit


Why Swimwarm Baby Wetsuit?


Compared to an adult’s body temperature, a baby's body temperature decreases faster. In neoprene wetsuit, water forms a thin layer or warm barrier between your baby’s skin and wetsuit and prevents them from feeling cold. The warmer you keep your baby in water, the more you will help your baby enjoy themselves.


Owli Swimwarm Wetsuits are made of high-quality, soft neoprene fabric used in professional wetsuits.


Why Neoprene Fabric?


Provides 100% UV protection.


Maintains body temperature and prevents babies from feeling cold in water and out of the water.


Large Velcro fasteners prevent tight fittings and open up fully; easy to wear and take off.


Large Velcro fasteners help adjust the size of wetsuits according to your babies’ sizes. Its shoulder straps are adjustable.


Its silky fiber does not irritate babies’ skin.

Made of soft and flexible, high-quality neoprene and it’s only 3mm thick.


Provides protection against sea creatures and scratches that may occur in the sea.


Babies love being bundled up and kept warm. Owli Swimwarm Baby Wetsuit bundles up your baby and ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming experience like no other baby swimsuit can.


Today, neoprene wetsuits are preferred especially in swimming courses.

Neoprene is made of a sponge-like material that includes air bubbles in it. It has buoyant property in water.


Due to its advanced fabric technology, Owli Swimwarm makes swimming experience easy and fun. When compared with nylon swimsuits Owli provides a sense of security to parents with non-slip fabric and assisting your baby to stay afloat with less effort thanks to its Neoprene fabric technology.


Size Options:

6-12 Months / 7-12 kg 

12-24 Months / 12 kg+ 


Use of weight range is recommended.


100% neoprene inside, 100% polyester outside.


Made in Turkey.

Owli Swimwarm Baby Wetsuit Neon Yellow-Black

SKU: 8681725913749
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