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Owli Poncho Towel


100% Cotton Fabric: Crafted with pure, breathable cotton for a towel that's soft against your child's skin, provides excellent absorbency and maintains durability through countless washes.

Cozy Poncho Style: This easy-to-wear design slips on and off effortlessly, ensuring your child stays snug and warm after their bath. It's also great for quick changes after a swim or a day at the beach.

Generously Sized: Measuring in at a substantial size, it's perfect for wrapping up toddlers and young children, offering a cozy embrace that they'll love.

Playful Design: The Owli Poncho Towel isn't just practical, it's fun too! Your little one will love the playful designs, which add an element of excitement to bath time.

Easy Maintenance: Our Poncho Towel is machine washable and retains its softness and color even after numerous washes, making cleanup a breeze.

Owli Poncho Towel

SKU: 8681725913510
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