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- Designed for babies aged 6-36 months to travel warm and comfortable during winter months and spend time outdoors protected against cold weather.

- Water Repellent and Windproof Outer Fabric: The outer surface is made from a technical fabric with water-repellent and windproof properties, ensuring your baby stays dry and warm in all weather conditions. Rain, snow, or liquids spilled from a bottle all slide off the water-repellent surface of the Owli Stroller Footmuff.

- Padded Soft Middle Layer: Has a soft and padded fabric offering maximum comfort to babies. Its 300-gr padded structure provides an extra layer against cold air and wind, giving a sensation of resting on clouds during strolls.

- Soft Welsoft Inner Part: The inner surface is made from extra warm and soft welsoft fabric. Like the Owli Outer Swaddle series, the breathable welsoft fabric does not make babies sweat, keeping the warm air inside the Footmuff and protecting babies against cold weather. The fleece fabric, free of AZO dyes, is safe for sensitive skin.

- Compatibility with All Strollers: Designed to fit both 3-point and 5-point harness systems, meaning the Owli Stroller Footmuff can be used seamlessly with nearly all strollers. Elastic band support prevents the footmuff from slipping off the stroller, ensuring babies travel safely when secured to a stroller or car seat.

- Zippers for Easy Use: The footmuff is designed with a practical full-length zipper, considering parents' ease of use. Easy-to-hold zippers with mitten-friendly pulls make it extremely easy to dress and undress your baby. The zipper guard prevents babies' chins and necks from touching the zipper.

- Adjustable Drawstring Hood: An adjustable drawstring hood can be easily used to provide extra protection in the head area when needed, offering extra comfort in windy weather.

- Fully Openable Bottom: The bottom that can be opened from below allows easy control of warmth inside the footmuff and increases air circulation. The fully openable bottom part, offering easy use even with shoes on, allows your baby's feet to move comfortably. It provides more space for taller babies and offers the possibility of prolonged use.

- Use as a Play Mat or Changing Pad: With its full-length zipper and openable bottom, it can transform into a wide and soft play mat when needed. When used as a mat, its padded fabric that is resistant to water and wind does not let cold from the ground through, offering comfort as a back-lying changing pad.

- Highlighting Key Features: A reflector on the front part increases visibility during travel in the dark. A pocket detail prevents the upper cords from touching the baby.

- Easy to Use and Maintain: Its water-repellent surface and technical fabric make it easy to use and maintain. After daily use, it can be wiped with a damp cloth for light maintenance. It is suitable for machine wash.

Owli Footmuff Black Pearl

SKU: 8681725913879
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