Owli Swimwarm Baby Wetsuit


When your baby wears Owli Swimwarm it provides 100% UV protection to all coverage areas. This means only uncovered areas will require sunscreen and your baby will be in less contact with less sun protection products. As this lowers your cost of sunscreen, are you ready to fully enjoy the sun without having any fear of sunburn for your baby? :)


If divers are able to dive tens of meters in and out of season and surfers challenge even cold oceans, it is all thanks to the insulating property of neoprene! Neoprene keeps the water inside and ensures the water temperature that comes in contact with the skin is in accordance with body temperature. Your baby will love swimming much more thanks to neoprene. :)


Even though it is not a life jacket, due to its internal air bubble structure,  you can feel the buoyancy of the sea even in pools with Neoprene fabric. Not only that it is ideal for beginners in swimming, but also that it will help you feel relaxed while you are playing with your baby in water as it assists with staying afloat.


Sea urchins, jellyfish, stones, hard surfaces… Oh no!

Your baby is even safer in an Owli Swimwarm Wetsuit with its 3mm Neoprene fabric compared to your regular adult swimsuit :) Moreover, it does not restrict your baby’s movements since it is soft and flexible. Isn’t that great!

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Why Neoprene Fabric?

Provides 100% UV protection.

Maintains body temperature and prevents babies from feeling cold in water and out of the water.

Large Velcro fasteners prevent tight fittings and open up fully; easy to wear and take off.

Large Velcro fasteners help adjust the size of wetsuits according to your babies’ sizes. Its shoulder straps are adjustable.

Its silky fiber does not irritate babies’ skin.

Made of soft and flexible, high-quality neoprene and it’s only 3mm thick.

Provides protection against sea creatures and scratches that may occur in the sea.

Babies love being bundled up and kept warm. Owli Swimwarm Baby Wetsuit bundles up your baby and ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming experience like no other baby swimsuit can.

 100% neoprene inside, 100% polyester outside.

Made in Turkey.

Care Instructions:

You must comply with the following instructions to extend the expected life of your wetsuit even though neoprene is a durable fabric.

•  Purify your wetsuit from chlorine and sea water right after each use by washing it with cold water.

•  Leave it on a rack or on a laundry line under shade to allow it dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays may result in

   discoloration of your wetsuit.

•  Do not fold or squeeze when wet.

•  Avoid direct contact with products such as sun protection cream/lotion, etc.

•  Do not machine wash.

•  Please do not use fabric softener.

•  Do not iron or vacuum dry.

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