Imagine a swaddle that grows with your baby and turns out to be a sleeping bag with feet!

Does it look impossible? Well. İt is real! OWLI did it. :)


This swaddle is the only sleep sack you need for your baby until 24 months or when your child weighs 13 kgs.

You no longer have to waste money on sleeping bags that will be used for a few months only. Your baby will sleep comfortably with this adaptable sleeping bag even if the child is a toddler.

The foot openings feature allows for mobility when your child is awake. 

All you need to make your life easy and keep your baby happy is lots of love and OWLI

The swaddle has customized features for your child at various stages of growth:

1. Swaddle stage (0-3 months / 2,25-6 kg (5-13 lbs)): Fully zipped and arms in

2. Extended Swaddle Stage (3-6 months / 6-9 kg(13-20 lbs)): Fully unzipped, arms in.

3. Sleeping Bag Stage (6-9 months / 9-11 kg(20-24 lbs)): Fully unzipped, arms out.

4. Sleeping Bag with Feet Stage: 9-18 months / 9-13 kg(20-29lbs)): Fully unzipped, arms and feet out.


· Cost-effective

· Comfortable

· Soft cotton

· Flexible

· Breathable fabric

· Double zippered

· Seamless interior

· Hip friendly design

· Easy to use

Sleeping Guru Dragon 0-24 M

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