Owli Postpartum Belly Wrap is the Fastest Way of Shrinking After Delivery!


Reduces swelling and helps speed shrinking.

Supports your waist and back perfectly.

Improves your posture while breastfeeding.

Helps tighten loose skin and weight loss.

Tightness is Under Your Control with Owli Postpartum Belly Wrap!

*For the best results, it is suggested to start using Owli Postpartum Belly Wrap immediately after delivery. 


*Postpartum belly wraps should be worn whole day. Please feel free to sleep in the product, as well.Taking it off only for shower will be quite effective. The longer you wear, the quicker you will get the results.

  • Ensures adjustable and controlled tightening thanks to its side support bands.

  • Does not cause discomfort while moving thanks to soft and spongy texture on the front. 

  • Can be used immediately after caesarean section as it is flexible.

  • Relieves waist and back pain with its back support baleens on the back.

Julie Tupler, obstetrician of super model Elle Macpherson who is called 'Mrs Body' and the mother of two, states that the way to getting back in previous shape is through using postpartum belly wrap.


Jessica Alba, mother of 2, expressed that her secret of a flat belly is never taking the postpartum belly wrap off for 3 months after delivery.


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  • Ensures a straight posture and improves your posture while breastfeeding.

  • Latex-free.

  • Breathable fabric.

  • Does not show under clothes.


How can I choose the right size while pregnant?


Measure the circumference of your bellyas of 36th week to determine sizing before delivery. Subtract approximately

8 - 12 cm from this measurementto obtain your post-delivery size. Accordingly, you can select the right size from size table. 


NOTE: When you first wear the product, adherent ends of the belly wrap should be hardly overlapping. If it covers the belly quite easily, the product is bigger than your size. 

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